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Spot welding
Argon shielded arc welding

Our Factory have may spot welding machines,butt welding machines, Argon shielded arc welding machine, Most welded parts use spot welding, the spot welding is the fastest way for small welding points, so say its spot welding. its can weld a net metal parts with many spots in consecutive.

Butt welding is a welding technique used to connect parts which are nearly parallel and don't overlap.

Argon shielded arc welding is the most simple way, for a certain area welding.

Welded brackets
Welded bracket
baseplate bonding stud
welded LED light cover
welded lampshade frames
welded lampshade frames
welded cooper flag seals
Screws welded on PCBA panel
welded fowl model

The main welded parts are carbon steel parts & stainless teel parts.

The main parts are Welded brackets, welded wire frames, welded covers, welded studs on plates such as PCBA panel.

If your parts is copper or brass, that need put solder materials such as solder sticks at the welding area.