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What is Pipe Bending?

Tube bending which is a cold working method that bends the straight tube,the machine is pipe bender.

Pipe bending machines can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bending machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines and so on. The use of pipe bending machine: hydraulic pipe bending machine is mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boiler laying and repairing of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and convenient movement. The advantages of quick installation. In addition to the function of bending the pipe, the machine can also use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with the numerical control bending device, it has the characteristics of low price and convenient use, and it occupies the leading position in the domestic pipe bending machine market. CNC tube bending machine can bend the pipe in a cold state with a bending radius (single mode) or two bending radii (dual mode). It is widely used in the bending of various pipe fittings and wires in the automotive, air conditioning and other industries. . The pipe bending machine is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes.

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