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Stainless Steel Turned Tube

Name: Stainless Steel Tube
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Finish: Milling & Polishing
Machined type: CNC turning, Polishing, Milling

China Metal Parts manufacturer custom machined metal tubes by Lathe Turning process and machining. if you are need any metal turned tube from China,welcome send a inquiry to us!

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What is metal turning process?

Turning refers to lathe machining as part of machining. The turning machine mainly uses a turning tool to turn the rotating workpiece. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, discs, sleeves and other workpieces with a rotating surface. Turning Lathe is the most widely used type of machine for produce hardware parts and machinery parts.

It is on the lathe that the shape and size of the blank are changed by the rotational motion of the workpiece and the linear or curved motion of the tool, and it is processed to meet the requirements of the drawings.

Turning is a method of cutting a workpiece on a lathe using a workpiece relative to the tool rotation. The cutting energy for turning machining is mainly provided by the workpiece rather than the tool. Turning is the most basic and common cutting method and plays an important role in production. Turning is suitable for machining rotary surfaces. Most workpieces with rotary surfaces can be machined by turning, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, end faces, grooves, threads and rotary forming surfaces. The tools used are mainly turning tools.

Among all types of metal cutting machine tools, lathes are the most widely used category, accounting for about 50% of the total number of machine tools. The lathe can be used for turning workpieces with turning tools, drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling with drills, reamers, taps and knurling knives.

How we work?

Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd engaged in Turning Parts manufacturing more than 20 years, we have old lathe turning machines, automatic turning machines, and numerical control (CNC) turning machines, we can optimize the turning processes to make the machining cost to be lowest, accurate tolerance dimensions we use Numerical control machine, and low tolerance requested dimensions we use old lathe machine to produce, and small turned parts we use automatic lathe machine to produce.

As a professional turning parts supplier from China,we can custom producing all kinds Carbon & Stainless steel turning parts,Copper & Brass turned parts,Aluminum turned parts & machined parts, such as tube coupling, hose coupling, tured metal shaft,metal axis,pipe joint parts,hose connectors & transition connectors,copper machined tube, flange,turned bushing,sleeve,piston rod,insert long pin, dowel pin,drive Pin & rod,ball head bolt,long thread tube parts,metal tubes,nonstandard thread bolt & nut,screws,metal extension Rod, etc.
We custom Metal turned Parts for all industrie.Welcome contact us to discuss about your projects !

What material can use for turning parts?

Aluminum: 2024,5052,6061,6063,6082,7075 (T6) etc.
Carbon steel: Q195,Q235,No.10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45…80.
free-cutting steel : Y12,Y15,Y12Pb,Y15Pb,Y20,etc.
Alloy steel: (15Cr, 20Cr,42CrMo,42Crmo,45Cr) and other etc.
Stainless steel: 201,301,304,316,416,420,430,440C,630 etc.
Brass,copper,bronze: HPb58-2.5,H59, HPb59-1,H62, H63,H63-3,H90, HA177-2, HPb59-1,etc.
Plastic round bars of ABS,PVC,PP,PA(nylon),PE,POM,PEEK,etc

What finish can be done for turning parts

Carbon Steel: Oiled, Heat treating, Carburization, Blackening (black oxide), Zinc plating, Chrome plating, Nickel plating, Tin plating, Powder coating, Painting, hot-dip galvanizing, copper plating, Dacromet, etc

Stainless Steel: Satin finish of Polishing & Milling, Brushed, Passivation, Chemical mirror polishing

Aluminum:Polishing, Brushed, Anodizing, Anodine, Powder coating, Painting, Electrophoresis, Vacuum coating, etc.

Brass / Copper: Brushed, Polishing, Tin Plating, Silver plating, Aging treatment

Our quality supports

For all productions, it's must do strict dimensions measuring:
Caliber measuring
Micrometer measuring
Go-Nogo testing

we can provide the COC, test reports, plating report.

If needed we can provide the certificates of ROHS, SGS... but for small order, the cost should be beared by customers.

Cooperation Terms

Cunrrency: USD $ / EUR €
Tooling & Samples: T/T 100% in davance
Mass Production: 30%-50% in advance, balance against to the B/L if ship by sea. If ship by air, the balance need pay before delivery
Price Terms: FOB Ningbo, FOB Shanghai, CIF Destination port, EXW, for small batch air freight can do door to door.
Lead Time: if do not need tooling, that the samples lead time is 10 days, if need tooling will 20 days, if more complicated with multiple machining or processings, the time will more longer. mass production is 60days generally, we are also can rush production if customer need it urgent.