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stainless steel castings
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Stainless steel castings

stainless steel castings
We provide silicon sol precision casting process for stainless steel parts, or call it Investment casting.

the biggest advantage of Investment casting is dimensional accuracy and surface finish is very high, so can reduce mechanical processing work, just left a little machining allowance at the high request dimensions area, even some casting only keep grinding, polishing surplus, not mechanical processing can use. Therefore, the investment casting can save a large machine equipment and processing time casting method, greatly saves metal materials.

another advantage of Investment casting is suit to all kinds of complex castings, especially can cast superalloy castings. Such as jet engine blades, the streamline the profile and cooling chamber, with the machining process can hardly formation. Using investment casting process can not only do mass production, to ensure the consistency of castings, but also avoid the knife pattern of the stress concentration of the residual after machining.

1. Material: SS304,SS316,etc.
2. Surface Process: Mirror Polishing,etc.
They are widely used in Machinery assembly, Agriculture Machinery fittings, Holding and Lifting Systems, Construction glass hardware,Furniture hardware and fiitings...