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Our Certificates


The measurements and the Compensate policy?


Quality Inspection We manufacturing metal parts strict to the drawing requests, every processes should be tested by the worker every 30 minutes, and the workshop director must check it once in the morning & afternoon.
Certificates We can provide the COC, test reports, plating report, if needed we can provide the certificates of ROHS, SGS... but for small business, the cost should be beared by customers.

Antirust Test

We can do salt-spraying testing in house or instead it by dip in liquid(chloride of lime + salt +water) 3days, then bask in sunshine 3days.
Compensate Policy If the goods shiped out and happen a quality problem when customer received it, the customer need provide pictures for prove it's ture, and tell us what is the reasons caused the problems & suggestions of how to update it if can, then we revise it, and redo samples for aproval, after get the approval, we shall redo the same quantity to compensate it.
Salt spray testing
Projection tester measuring
Universal mechanical tester
Automatic measuring machie
Caliber & Micrometer testing
Go-Nogo testing