Our Metal Parts & Plastic Parts

Ming Xiao Manufacturing is a professional machinery and hardware components supplier from China Ningbo,custom metal parts and plastic parts, such as turning parts, precision machining parts, metal stamping parts, deep drawing parts, cold forging parts, plstic injection molding parts, plastic extrusion profiles & tubes.
If you are interest in our services, pls feel free contact with us !

Turning Parts

Turning & Machining Parts

Custom Turning parts & Machine parts according to customers' drawing or sample.

Metal Stamping Parts

Metal Stamping Parts

We provide custom metal stamping services for foreign customers, welcome inquire us !

Plastic Parts

Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Custom produce plastic parts by injection molding services for oversea customers

Cold forging Parts

Cold Forging Parts

China cold forging / heading manufacturer custom produce all kinds forging parts.

Deep Drawn Parts

Deep Drawn Parts

China metal stamping manufacturer custom produce deep drawn components.

Plastic Extrusion Profile & Tube

Plastic Extrusion Profile & Tube

China plastic extruding manufacturer custom plastic extrusion profiles and plastic tubes / pipes.

Tube Bending Products

Pipe Bending Products

China metal parts manufacturer custom produce aluminum,stinsteel & steel tube bending components.

Rubber Parts,Die Castings,Metal Springs and Wireforms

Outsourcing Parts

Outsourcing rubber parts, metal springs and metal wirefroms, aluminum die castings for our customers.