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Plastic parts- injection molding & extruding
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Plastic Parts,We are injection molding factory from China

We are professional Plastic injection molding factory from Ningbo China, we can custom all kinds of plastic parts,steel pins inserted plastic parts;

We also out sourcing plastic profiles for our customers.

If you interest in our plastic parts custom services, pls send your drawings and samples to us, we shall work a price for you in 48hours.

  • The technics & capabilities: plastic injection, insert molding injection, plastic profiles extruded.
  • Materials: Abs,POM, PVC,PC,Polyethylene,nylon 6, nylon 66, polypropylene, co-polymer polypropylene, polyester,PD-PE, NBR, ect.
  • Finish treating: Remove burrs, chrome plating for ABS.
  • Our capability: 250T, max lengthxwidth of parts is 600mm x 600mm.

Plastic parts is very simple & popular in all industries, such as plastic cover, plastic knob,plastic bracket,plastic flange,plastic valves,plastic gears,plastic bushing,plastic base,plastic shafts,plastic mountings, plastic coupling,plastic fabrications,etc.

Plastic injection molding is suit to complicated plastic parts with complex profile or structure , this is the most popular way for produce plastic parts.

We a old plastic injection molding factory from Ningbo China, specialize in custom plastic parts, welcome inquire us !