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Sheet Metal Stamping: using the mold in a press, make the sheet metal or plate into a variety of plate parts and shell, vessel parts, or made pipe material into a variety of tubular workpiece. This class in the cold for molding method called cold stamping, or short call it as the stamping.

Stamping processing is recur to the power by conventional or special punching equipment, make the sheet material deformation in the mold directly affected by the deformation force, and thus obtain a certain shape, size and performance products parts production technology. Sheet metal stamping processing, tooling and equipment is the three elements. Press stamping processing temperature for hot stamping and cold stamping. The former fits the deformation resistance is high, the poor plasticity of sheet metal processing; the latter is conducted at room temperature, is a commonly used method for stamping sheet. It is the metal plasticity processing ( or pressure processing ) is one of the major methods, also belonging to material forming engineering.

The mold for stamping process called stamping die, stamping die is the special mold for make material (metal or non-metallic ) batch processing into a desired stamping parts. Stamping die is very important to the stamping process, the dimensions precision & if the designs are advance or reasonable, will directly cause the workpieces' quality.

The materials can be any sheet metal plate, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, Aluminum and plastic, the thickness can be "0.1mm - 6mm" .

MingXiao MFG engaged in stamping processing has been 15 years, formed a variety of stamping, mainly manual single stamping and automatic progressive die stamping.

We are professional sheet metal stamping parts manufacturer from Ningbo,China. All Metal stamping parts can be customed made in our factory, hope you are interest in our custom stamping services, welcome send your design and requirements to us, we shall work a price for you.