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Machines show the machining services of Ming Xiao MFG
Couplings,lathe turned partsplastic injection molding partsSheet metal Stamping partsbrackets,stamping,bending & Welding

Our plants are in Ningbo China, there are 4 workshop from different places.

We also outsource the rough parts from other factories around Ningbo, such as rough parts of "Stainless steel casting", "Aluminum die casting", "cold heading & forging"...

CNC Lathe Turning

Cold Heading

Die Casting

Round Milling

CNC Milling

Plastic Injector



Thread Rolling

Spot Welding

Aluminum Pipe Bending

Inspection Room

Upright Plastic Injector

hydraulic Deep Drawing


MingXiao MFG can provide various machining services for all industrial mechanical parts, that can help the customers to reduce the works for finding new suppliers & shipments.

Make the customers and us win together !