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Specialize in stainless steel,Brass,Aluminum turned parts by Lathe Turning Processing

Lathe Turning machining technics is widely use in mechanical parts machining, it's on a lathe and using the rotation of the workpiece and tool motion in a straight line or curve motion to change the blank shape and size, it processed into conform to the drawing requirements.

And the lathe machines is diiferent for diiferent workpieces, low precision & normal quantity turned parts should be made by manual lathe, some small turned parts & with high volumes should work on automatic lathe, and some parts with very high precision request(such as in 0.05mm),that we shall consider use CNC lathe to work.

According to the workpiece's differences such as "size, volume, dimensions' tolerance, construction", we classified them as belows:

Manual Lathe Turned Parts

Automatic Lathe Turned Parts

CNC Lathe Turned Parts

CNC Milling

Ming Xiao MFG engage in Lathe turning area from start on 1990, and we are accomplished in all materials turning technics & all turning machines.

We produce stainless steel turned parts, carbon steel turned parts, Aluminum alloy turned parts, brass & copper turned parts, sometimes we also make plastic parts by lathe turning.