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Aluminum Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting

die castings

Die casting (Pressure casting) is the essence of under a high pressure, the liquid or semi-liquid metal filling in mold cavity at a high speed, then forming and solidification and get the structure of castings.

Some Die castings can be use for assembly directly, some need finish machining such as milling, drilling, & surface treatments.


1 the quality of the products.

High dimension accuracy of castings, generally equivalent to 6~7 level, and even can reach the level of 4; good surface finish, general equivalent to 5~8 level; strength and high hardness, strength than the sand casting to improve 25~30%, but the elongation is decreased by about 70%; dimensional stability, good interchangeability; can die casting thin wall complex castings. For example, the zinc alloy die castings minimum wall thickness up to 0.3mm; aluminum alloy casting can reach 0.5mm; minimum cast aperture is 0.7mm; the minimum pitch 0.75mm.

2 high production efficiency

The machine has high productivity, such as domestic J Ⅲ 3 type horizontal cold empty die-casting machine average eight hours can die casting 600 ~ 700 times, small hot chamber die casting machine on average every eight hours to die casting die 3000~7000; long service life, a pair of pressing mould, die-casting clock alloy, life of up to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of times; easy to realize the mechanization and automation.

3 excellent economic effect

Because the casting dimension precision, surface finish and other advantages. General no longer machining and used directly, or processing capacity is very small, so it can improve the utilization rate of the metal, and reduce the processing equipment and man-hour large; castings price will be easy; can be used in combination with other casting metal or non-metallic materials. Saving assembly time and save metal.

Material: AL alloy & Zinc alloy.
Surface Process: Nature, powder coating,electrophoresis,etc.