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What is Deep Drawing?

Deep drawing is the process of deforming a sheet metal material into a cylindrical or box-shaped part by a process of punching, pulling a ring or a metal mold.

The deep drawing is usually carried out on the anti-wrinkle pressure plate of the double-action press, and the anti-crease pressure plate can effectively prevent the edge of the protrusion from wrinkling when being pulled into the steel mold.

Ming Xiao as a China Metal Parts Manufacturer provide deep drawing Services to custom deep drawn parts according to customer's design or sample.

Progressive die model
Deep Drawing Processing
deep drawing rough parts
Deep Drawing Rough Parts

More informations about deep drawing service

Material selection:
Different materials have different tensile properties. The limitation of the stretch ratio, that is, the ratio of the blank diameter to the punched diameter. Stainless steel is controlled at 2.1 to 2.2 and carbon steel is controlled at 2.15 to 2.5. Stainless steel materials can be deep drawn a second time after deep drawing, but unlike carbon steel materials, stainless steel materials are usually not stretched to the same extent as the first, unless heat treated. Stainless steel materials require equipment to be one to two times as powerful as carbon steel materials. In general, deep drawing is best done with double acting hydraulic equipment.

Lubricating oil selection:
The choice of lubricants, should consider two factors, should provide oil film to prevent scratches, reduce friction. And after the deep drawing operation is completed, it must be able to be removed easily and thoroughly. It may include chlorinated or sulfurized fats or waxes, heavy emulsions, or deep drawn soaps.

For fast production and low price, we generally use progressive die stamping services

And our metal stamping factory also provide deep drawing services.