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Nonstandard Bolts/Nuts/Shafts/Inserts by Cold heading ,cold forging

cold forging
rough parts of cold forging rough parts of cold forging

Generally,cold heading & forging not for a finished parts but just a rough parts such a expected structure, because after cold forging, the cutting area is not clean & flat, also the round surface is roughness, and the dimensions precision of cold heading & cold forging is not high, maybe can not in request tolerances, we outsourcing from our friend factory, and use lathe machine turning or other technics to work it finish according to designs requirements.

Some nonstandard bolts and nonstandard nuts do not need very high precision tolerance, just after cold heading or forging can reach the requests,so no need to lathe turning or machining again.

The main advantages of cold formed technics:

  1. cold forming steel can be processed into a load for smaller and shorter span.
  2. the cold forming process can be economically obtained cross-sectional shape , obtained satisfied weight ratio. that can save the material cost.

Material: Carbon steels,brass, stainless steel such as SS304,SS301,SS316,etc.
Surface Process: Zinc Plating,nickel plating,chrome plating,phosphating,blackening,DACROMET,etc.

Cold heading & cold forging are widely used in high volume metal shafts,inserts,nonstandard fasteners(bold,screws,pins) production.