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Progressive Die Stamping Parts-China supplier of Ming Xiao MFG

Progressive die stamping is a automatic stamping operation, and in the operation at the same time, in the same set of progressive die is carried on many different operating. Progressive die of multiple station progressive operating on a workpiece, for example: blanking, punching, forming. The progressive stamping die can be efficiently forming precision parts. Progressive die in electronic devices and automobile industry is very common, mainly produce connectors, contact,terminal,sleeve,plug,bushing,etc.

progressive die stampingprogressive die stamping parts

Progressive die stamping metalworking is suit to high volume mass production, and because most small stamping parts with high volume, so most progressive stamping parts is small parts.It's widely use in electronic metal parts production, such as sheet contact terminal,connection-peg & all small stamping parts

The characteristics of the progressive die stamping:
1. Progressive die is a multi-task sequence die, a mold, including punching, bending and stretching process, with high productivity;

2. Progressive die operations with full security;

3. Automation;

4. Can use high-speed punch press for production;

5. Can reduce the numbers of punchs, the plant area, reducing transport and storage of semi-finished products occupy;

Basic requirements of progressive die parts:

1. Smaller parts;
2. High volume;
3. Material thickness is thinner (0.08 to 2.5mm);
4. Material relatively soft;
5. Shape is more complex;
6. Can not too much high precision (utmost is IT10 level).