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High Precision Turned parts made by CNC Lathe Turning from China manufacturer of Ming Xiao MFG

CNC lathe turning is a kind of high precision, high efficient automation machining technics. Equipped with multi-station turret or power tool turret, the machine tool has a wide range of process performance, can process straight cylindrical, oblique cylindrical, arc and all kinds of thread, groove, worm and other complex workpiece. With linear interpolation, circular interpolation of various compensation function, and in the mass production of complex parts played a good economic effect.

The characteristics of CNC lathe
is provided with a program control system of the automatic machine tool. The control system can be logically processing has control of code or other symbolic instruction specified procedures, and the decoding, so that the machine tool and machining parts movement.

CNC machine compared with general machine, CNC machine has the following characteristics:

CNC turning is suitable for medium size workpieces, but the precision requirement should be high, the machining cost is high, but the tolerance can be controled best.

If you have any parts need high precision tolerance, pls send drawings to us, we can custom produce it on our CNC machines.