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China Ming Xiao MFG provide Automatic Lathe Turning Service for steel & brass parts

Automatic lathe, is a kind of high performance, high precision, low noise walk the knife type automatic lathes, is through the cam to control the processing procedure of the automatic processing machine tool. In addition there are some CNC automatic lathes and pneumatic automatic lathes and Swiss-type lathe, its core is through certain settings and training after long time automatic processing with a product. Particularly suitable for copper, aluminum, iron, plastic precision parts manufacturing.

Its suitable for very small workpieces with high quantity workpieces, the workpieces diameter should very small, and the length should be short, the machining cost is cheaper than CNC lathe turning & Manual lathe turning, but the machining precision is very good.

The production efficiency is high, the machine through a cam control process, each turn of a rotary cam to complete a process. The cam speed of 1.0-36 rpm, according to different parts are adjusted, per minute can process 30 parts, because the 5 knife can be simultaneously machining, machining efficiency is very high, is the general CNC lathes and Manual lathe incomparable

Widely applicable to instruments, watches and clocks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, bathroom hardware, electronic components, connectors, computer, mobile phone, electrical and mechanical, military and other industries batch processing of small parts, especially for complex parts.